Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Case of Rockstar Games vs Corporate Vandals Go Home

The honorable Judge Opie will now preside

So its nothing new that corp. folks are coming to the sticker Scene. I can’t really bitch too much about this without coming across as a hypocrite since I used to be on sticker detail for the Beastie Boys and the now defunct Grand Royal Records. However the Beastie Boys rock and as a result I didn’t really consider myself a whore.

On the other hand whoever it is putting up all those “yippie ki yeah” stickers for the new Die Hard flick, I would hope have a little harder time falling asleep at night.

Any way some people have started a backlash against these sticker ho’s

Anyway it looks like whoever is getting paid by rockstar is a little cry baby....I saw this done to one of the "Corporate Vandals Not Welcome" on the next block.

So now the important question who is right...the Whore from Rockstar Games or "Corporate Vandals not welcome? We will let Opie be the judge..............
The Man Has Spoken!!!!!! Rockstar sticker whore GO HOME!!!!
P.S sorry about the bike

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Helvetica Emipre Revisited.

So I feel a little bad about how Opie treated that little Helvetica Empire door. It was a great qwerky piece. It would be nice to have more of this sort of thing in the East village.
Here is a close up (sorry that it's post Opie review)
I also did a little looking on google and found a makeing of flick posted on youtube.

Opie the puppy has a posse

North East Corner of 12th and 2nd.
Top: Giant (I am guessing it was Shepard Fairey)
Bottom: little mini door (Helvetica Empire?)

Opie was nice enough to let giant slide. It's a classic. I agree.
Underneith is another one of those doors for the graffiti smurfs.
Dig the contrast.Big people...Little people....everybody gets along.

Pissed off at conspiracy monkies

How we got started.

So its a nice day. I am walking around the East Village with my dog opie. I have my camera in hand to take some pictures of anything interesting I might pass.

After putting the finishing touches on a very tasty brisket S'sam from momafuko I leave my park bench and start heading up 2nd ave. Out of the corner of my eye I catch this funny little door and decide to take a picture. Before I could snap a shot opie offered his own comment on the work of art.........


and so now here we are. Roaming the streets of NYC looking at some of the best and worst works.